Wednesday, August 24, 2016

An Open Letter to Dry Dog Food Manufacturers

Dear Dry Dog Food Manufacturers,

Please consider packaging 8-12 ounce packets of your dog food for my picky dachsies (and everyone else's dogs) to sample.

I detest having to buy an 8-lb. bag (the smallest available) of food, only to find they don't like it. Some stores won't take back an opened bag, and that's a lot of $$ wasted, especially when you're on a retired income.

Some stores, like PetSmart, will take back the opened bag (with restrictions), but the last thing they need is for customers to continue "trying and returning" bag after bag of dog food.

I see all these dog food commercials on television, and I would love to see if my pets will like it, but I cannot afford paying for those large bags just to give them a trial sample.

Please consider manufacturing smaller packets. If my dogs like your product, I will happily purchase the bigger bags.

Thank you,

A loving dog owner

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