Monday, May 23, 2016

Finally Breaking My Silence

Once again I've read a post by a blogger/reader who is lamenting the sameness in all sci-fi/paranormal/fantasy romances. I've read countless posts like it, where they are wondering why every book has the same Alpha alien/shapeshifting male, the same captured Earth female, the same vanilla plot, etc., etc., etc. And they pretty much swear off reading any more of these "cookie cutter" books.

Too many times I've held my tongue and tied my fingers to keep from replying and asking them, "Have you tried any of MY books?"

I feel blessed that I have so many readers who have written me, or left reviews that often say the same thing. That every one of my books is different (with some leeway given to series, where there should be a bit of commonality included.) They tell me the story wasn't what they expected, and that they were very surprised and happy. And they end up trying another book...and another book...

Even my editor comments on how every one of my books is totally unique to everything else she's edited.

I don't follow a pattern. I don't use the same formula for every book. You can even tell by my covers how much of a non-conformist I am. 

So please stop lumping all authors who write sci-fi, paranormal, and fantasy romances together. Don't give up on those genres you love. If you are a reader or blogger, ask around for recommendations for new and different reads and authors.

By the way, have you read anything of mine?


Geoff C. said...

Oh Yes - I've read a-plenty and I keep coming back for more :D

Linda Mooney said...

Thank you, Geoff! :)