Thursday, April 14, 2016

Live From RT! Viola Grace is my Guest Author Tonight!

Live from the 2016 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention!

Come join us tonight on "Other Worlds of Romance" on Blog Talk Radio! Viola Grace is my guest author, and she'll be reading an excerpt from her new release, Assessing Survival, Mechanical Advantage 1.

Show time is 11 pm ET/ 10 pm CT

Don't miss it!

* * *

A woman under repair with a skill for assessing survival meets a previous acquaintance who is now more than a match for her.

In the year 2280, Earth has been at war for a decade. The Splice takes the humans they capture and use them for parts. Sending bots in place of humans didn't work, but taking the wounded and turning them into cyborgs has enabled humanity to push the Splice away from earth. The combination of metal and man is turning the tide in a war that no one could have imagined.

Adaptation Base is where the wounded are recycled into enhanced warriors, and when a terrorist action takes out the administration, the newest cyborgs will have to take things into their powerful hands.

When Stitch recovers from the blast, her position as Assessment Officer is still valid, but her new location on the front lines means a lot of adjustment. The men she had designed from the wounds out are now her team, and finding the one who had flirted his way into her heart—after all this time—leaves her vulnerable to his mechanical advantage.

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