Sunday, September 20, 2015

Use Your Delete Button (And Rid Yourself Of All Those Old Files)

I was backing up my files yesterday, and was shocked by the huge amount of space I was using on my desktop. A 32gb flash drive would not hold all my published books, much less my WIPs and other pertinent files. Going in to examine why, I realized I was holding onto EVERYthing. Although, in most cases, that would be a wise move, in this instance, it wasn't.

For every book I'd pubbed with a traditional publisher, I had copies of things that were no longer necessary. So, methodically, I've begun a clean sweep of items I no longer need to keep on hand. It's amazing how much space I'm clearing!

I'm passing along my suggestions.

Items to STORE on a disk or flash drive (not on your computer):
* old contracts
* letters of return of rights

Items to DELETE:
* old cover stock
* old edits
* redundant versions

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