Sunday, January 11, 2015

Six on Sunday - GHOST OF THE SWAMP

Six paragraphs from GHOST OF THE SWAMP, Subwoofers Book 2, a sensuously erotic paranormal/fantasy romance.

1.  For the next half hour, she removed several fragments from his body. Fortunately, the punctures were all superficial. None of them appeared to have penetrated into his body cavity, although an ugly bruise was starting to form almost directly above his sternum. She noticed he had some scarring across his chest and arms, but they were old. When she was certain she'd gotten all the bits and pieces out of him, she applied a topical antibiotic ointment and covered his wounds with what bandages that were in the kit, wrapping those with another one of her shirts she'd ripped into strips. Finally done, she sat back and surveyed the results.

2. Clint sighed loudly and rubbed the back of his neck. "This isn't like him." The others agreed. One of the routines they continued to religiously adhere to after their tours of duty were over was keeping in contact with each other whenever one of them was away from the lodge. Although all five of them were seasoned and experienced ex-military, they knew that there was never a sure guarantee when it came to safety. Even in civilization. Add in their unique shape shifting abilities, and they knew they had to take extra precautions.

3. "No. Smile." Resting her head in her hand, her eyes roved over him. "I must be out of my ever-loving mind to have you here. Oh, and if you need to pee, I'd suggest you use that empty bottle that's also on the other side of you. You don't need to be traipsing outside in your birthday suit in this weather. Don't expect me to hold it for you, either."

4. Pud jerked the blanket from around his waist and morphed. Before the third man could react, he charged him. As he'd hoped, the man's reaction was slow from shock. Pud leaped over the brush and knocked the rifle from the man's grasp. Rearing on his hind legs, Pud brought his front hooves down over the guy's face and chest, cutting and slicing into the shooter. The guy screamed in pain and brought his arms up in a vain attempt to protect himself. Pud's hooves acted like knives, hacking his assailant to the bone, and preventing the man from using the rifle on him or Billie again. To be on the safe side, Pud used his hind feet to kick the rifle into the waterway. With the most dangerous of the three out of the way, he turned to face the man with the shotgun.

5. A warning roar came from the direction of the riverbank. There was another volley of shots. Pud recognized the angry bellow of a bull alligator and sighed. These men were accustomed to shooting at other men who were shooting back. Not at wild animals charging hell bent directly at them. This was a terror they'd never anticipated or trained for. It was one thing to hunt and track a lone creature. It was entirely different to be in the animals' sights.

6. "You love her. You made love to her. Hell, even Art said you wore her smell." Yo smiled. "We watched the both of you when you went over to tell her you were leaving. She loves you. As much, if not more, than you love her. Yeah, buddy. She'll come back to you. It may not be today or tomorrow, but it'll happen. Hold on to that, because it'll be all you'll have to help you get through this."

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