Monday, July 14, 2014

New Release and Giveaway! THE HAIRY-LEGGED GIRLS CLUB by Carolyn Gregg

Tonight on "Other Worlds of Romance" on Blog Talk Radio, I'll be reading an excerpt from my erotic paranormal, urban fantasy romance, The Hairy-Legged Girls Club, written as Carolyn Gregg. And one lucky listener will win an e-copy!

Show time is 11 pm et/10 pm central
Don't miss it!
* * *

Intent on consummating their mutual attraction Brint and Heleema leave the bar, and a group of drunken men who had been harassing Heleema earlier follow them. The men ram their pick-up into the motorcycle, sending the bike and both riders into a bar ditch along the side of the road. When Brint comes to he finds Heleema on the verge of being raped. Secret or no secret, he has to rescue her. But as he shape shifts into his dog persona, he sees Heleema shift into a coyote. Together they dispatch the attackers, killing one of them, then escape. But their enemies aren’t so easily deterred and they want revenge.

From the very beginning Brint and Heleema are drawn together in lust. Now they are drawn together in danger as shape shifters and as humans.  In Heleema, Brint has found a woman he can trust and love. In Brint, Heleema has found a man to satisfy her passion and her heart.

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