Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Have a Confession To Make! I Have Another Pseudonym!

Announcing my third alter ego, and one I've kept undercover for many years.

I am also Carolyn Gregg. She who writes sweet, silly, sexy, sinful, sharp, sultry, smart, sassy, and seductive romance stories. Many are harder and edgier than my Linda Mooney books, hence the other nom de plume. Also, because I am a soon-to-be-retired Kindergarten teacher, I feel it is finally safe to "come out of hiding".

If you go to my alter ego's website, you'll see I write for Purple Sword Publications, and I used to write for Red Rose Publishing. At the moment I'm in the processing of getting my books back from Red Rose, but that may take some time as the publisher is not cooperating, despite having a lawyer serve her (which she has ignored). So I ask that you DO NOT BUY any of my books from Red Rose Publishing. As Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Barnes and Noble are in the process of removing those books no longer contracted with RRP, I will be putting them back up for sale.

On the other hand, Purple Sword, and its founder Traci, have been wonderful to work with, and I wholeheartedly endorse you get my books from them!

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