Sunday, August 25, 2013

Poll - Which Book Do You Want Me To Write Next?

It's Polling Time!

Please help me decide which book in one of my series you most want me to write next. Comment here, or place your vote on the poll at the right side of this blog. Poll ends next Saturday, and I'll announce my next book then.

Thanks so much!

* HeartStorm (bk 3 of the HeartFast series)

* Cut Glass: Jewels, Book 3 - Emerald

* Runner's Moon: Yarrowlam (bk 5 of the Runner's Moon series)

* Covert Identity (bk 2 of the Secret Identity series)

* AEquana's Quest (bk 2 of the AEquana series)

* The Gifted, Book 2

* Breachers #3


Stephanie said...

AEquana's Quest (bk 2 of the AEquana series

Tawania said...

AEquana's Quest book 2
Your Sci Fi romances are my favorites, of your books. But I really liked AEquana, and I'm looking forward to the second book.