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Six paragraphs from Breachers: Hawthorne and Marya
A sensuous urban fantasy, paranormal romance novel
(ebook) ISBN# 978-1-4507-1948-3
Word Count: 32.4K
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1. As Morrow had promised, her military issue was waived by security once they’d verified her active status. After she’d grabbed a cup of coffee and settled down at her gate to await boarding, she’d gotten on her phone and started to scope out the name of her new partner when the television overhead beat her to it. Marya stared in open-mouthed shock at the bloody face of Arik “The Dragon” Hawthorne holding aloft his championship belt and buckle. As the sports announcer continued to expound over the man’s accomplishments, her mind kept flashing back to the intense look on that same face that had stared at her during their meeting in Washington.

 2. She reached up to take the drink from him. As their fingers touched, she started slightly from the tiny jolt she received. It zipped straight down to her inner core, awakening a whole new set of feelings and sensations that had lain dormant for months. Months, hell. Years. Habit made her wipe the can lid with the hem of her blouse before popping the top. Thankfully, the act helped to hide the fact that her hands were shaking. Hawthorne appeared not to notice, and sat down next to her a few inches away. This close, the man radiated heat, something she hadn’t been aware of on the drive down.

3. An imaginary cold wind blew through him. He recognized the signs, just as Diana had, even though he had never experienced them before now. He wanted Corinth, and he needed her more than he wanted her. His body cried out to have her, and each passing minute when he was within reach of her was sheer torture.

4. Hot anger infused her. Sitting up, she wiped the tears away with the back of her hand, then got up to fetch a tissue from the bathroom. On her way back to the bed, she stopped and stared at it. Housekeeping had been here during their absence, but she and Arik had torn up the bed last night in their frenzy to feed their craving for each other. And once all was said and done, she hadn’t wanted to let him go. She had clung to him, as he had clung to her. They knew they would spend the rest of the night together, and she had been surprised by how comfortable it had felt to have him lying next to her the next morning. Like it was meant to be.

5. His wings knifed through the night sky like giant leathery blades. Because of his coloring, he would be invisible to humans who happened to be glancing up in his direction, and to all passing aircraft. The temptation was strong to soar over to the mountains, or to dive through the clouds massing high above him, but he resisted the urge. He had to convince the tzealdo to find another spot to covet, where humans would not encroach. If the creature refused, he had no other recourse but to kill it, as horrible the task was to him. Although their world was filled with all sorts of mythical creatures, there were too few of them on this planet. In some strange way he felt a kinship with the tzealdo. Yet, at the same time, he knew that once a Breacher began to kill, even on their world, it had signed its own death warrant.

6. Hawthorne searched the darkness for his partner. There was no way he would take on the tzealdo until he was certain she was safely out of harm’s way. Tracks in the dirt pointed toward the far western end of the quarry, in the direction where the new pit was located. He started to follow after her when another one of the huge machines started up, but this one didn’t aim for him or the car. It turned toward the fence and began its attack. There was the sound of gunshots, and a high-pitched shriek split the air.


Blurb: They are the cause of many legends, myths, and fairy tales. And they still live among us.

Arik Hawthorne preferred to be a loner. He had a dark secret to protect, and as a professional kick boxer, he was able to work off the wild energy that filled his life.

His whole world changed when he was partnered with Corinth Marya, and they were ordered to find and stop the creature that was killing innocent people in New Mexico.

If going after the Breacher wasn't bad enough, he found himself seriously and dangerously attracted to the army lieutenant. There was no way he could let her find out about his real self, but neither could he deny the possibility that she may be his one and only chance at love and happiness.

They never foresaw the danger that would threaten their lives, or the passion that would pose an even greater problem.

Dragons, anyone?

Warning! Contains unrelenting heat, calling for sex advice, invisible targets, hamburgers, pistol-packing, vengeful dirt, and hard and hot leathery love.

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