Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Movie Tropes

I watched a handful of movies over the holidays, and I've discovered there are a couple of old movie tropes I wish Hollywood would stop using.

Why is it...

- when a person dies, it's always with their eyes open, so the hero has to manually close them.

- when someone takes an object off a shelf that hasn't been touched in ages, she or he BLOWS the dust off of it (instead of wiping it off), and then there's the obligatory coughing that follows.

- just when you think the bad guy is dead, the hero NEVER checks to see if he's really dead.  He just turns to walk away, and that's when the bad guy launches himself at the hero in one last attempt to kill him.

1 comment:

Fedora said...

LOL! Yep--you'd think with all the movies out, that at least one hero/ine would wise up and MAKE SURE that the bad guy is truly incapacitated! Too funny, Linda!