Sunday, June 27, 2010

Would You Read a Book Series if the HEA Came Later?

Question:  Would you begin a series if you knew the HEA for the hero and heroine would come in Book 2 instead of Book 1?
Romance readers love having an HEA at the end of the book.  But in most cases, books are stand-alone stories - one book, one couple, one story.  I've read stand-alones without an HEA (Happily Ever After) or HFN (Happy For Now), and can somewhat tolerate them as long as the author hasn't killed off one of the couples (which means there can never be an HEA for them! Grr!)

But if you as a reader knew that there would be a Book 2, and that it would contain the inevitable and long-awaited HEA from Book 1, would you be willing to take a chance on the series?

What if an excerpt/chapter from Book 2 was included in the back of Book 1, wherein you could "see" how that HEA might come about?


Sandra Stixrude said...

Good question, Linda. Personally, I like romances that don't fit in neat, tidy little boxes. Give me something different, give me quirky characters and a good story. Give me a heroine who does more than wait for rescue. Give me a hero who isn't just another cookie cutter Alpha. Heck, give me a hero who's not an Alpha at all but you still root for him.

Give me these things and I'll follow the characters through whatever books the author gives me. Two, three, four, however long it takes.

Erotic Horizon said...

Probably because my preferred reading choices are thrillers and Romance Suspense's - I dont care even if there is not a HEA...

Decent authors have so much other things that will hold my interest other than the romance or HEA...

Karin Slaughter an author I love - Literally killed her main protag off (the one whose HEA was assured) and I really rated her for that, because it was different, it was unexpected and it brought a whole new dynamic to the story.

I agree with Sanda - just give me something different, jump out of the mould and I will follow a book through trials and errors - because those will be few and far between.

Hope that helps hon..