Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guilty Pleasure #22

I collect items that remind me of my stories. And friends send me items. So I use the walls in my office to hang all of these things up. (I also hang them from the ceiling.)

It's my eye candy, and I love it!


Anonymous said...

I do this too! I turn to my collection often for inspiration and a kind of comfort.

I notice the framed print you have on your wall - lovely.

Linda Mooney said...

Thank you! It's a limited edition print of Vincent (from the CBS version of "Beauty and the Beast") sitting in an alley outside a theatre. The poster above his head is advertising the "Phantom of the Opera". :D

Anonymous said...

Oh I recognized him, believe me. He's actually a beauty, don't you think?

Linda Mooney said...

Very much, Carole! :D