Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kevin Skinner, America's Got Talent




A 35-year-old unemployed farmer and ex-chicken catcher.
You have to listen to this man. I DARE YOU NOT TO CRY!


Diana Castilleja said...

Usually when you least expect it. ...

Remember Mel Tillis?

He stuttered when he talked and no one thought he could make a career singing.

He's a country legend now.

Linda Mooney said...

When I used to live in Nashville, I lived down the street from Sawyer Brown. Mark, the lead singer's parents, lived on that street, which is where they got the name for the band.

Anyhoo, Mel had his tour bus parked in the big empty lot next to the house. How did I know it was his? Because across the back of the bus was the word M-M-M-M-Mel. ;)