Sunday, September 7, 2008

File This One Under "Why Not?"

This was emailed to me. Thanks, Carolyn!

Confirmed! Bureaucrats have no sense of humor, funny stop signs nixed


Inhabitants of Oak Lawn, Ill. apparently have a hard time understanding the meaning of the large red octagons posted on street corners through the city. So in an effort to get people to actually stop, the city installed smaller signs below their larger, legal counterparts to get motorists attention while providing them a half-hearted chuckle. The extra signs correlated with the "Stop" written above, with slogans including "and smell the roses," "right there pilgrim" and "means you're not moving." While residents and the town's mayor found them funny, the Illinois Department of Transportation was less than enthused and claims that the signs violate the Fed's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. That means that federal funding for projects in the city could be put on hold, so $1,700 worth of signs were pulled down. In a word: lame.
[Source: Associated Press]


Diana Castilleja said...

I love that! I've been wanting to do a bumper sticker to give out. Stop signs are not conditional. I love the humor signs. Not at all suprised that the beauracrats couldn't take a joke. That stick is shoved up too high to be pleasant.

Linda Mooney said...

That stick is shoved up too high to be pleasant.


Stephanie said...

I couldn't agree more!! What a sad way to waste money.

Danielle said...

Obviously what the road commission does not realize: In today's society we are sue happy. And so what is going to happen is the thousand dollars it took to put those signs up is going to turn into tens of thousands when someone drives through a stop sign, sues the road commission and says, "Well if only we had a lower sign?" Can't say it won't work because look at the lady who won her case against McDonalds for spilling coffee, burning herself, and then stating, "Oh, I didn't realize it would be hot!" LOL. See what happens then, right?

Anonymous said...

I think they are funny and it would be great to think that our "leaders" have a good sense of humor. However, I do see, in this day and time, how someone would find a way and reason to sue for this. People!