Thursday, February 23, 2017

Japanese Flip Books

Japanese flip books use negative space cut out of the paper to make some neat effects.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New! THE DREAM MERCHANT, a Sweet Paranormal Romance

Sweet Paranormal Romance
Word Count: 16.9K
$1.99 e

Life hasn’t always been great for Rainn and Gerran, but it couldn’t be much more perfect than it is now. Rainn was happy to move to the remote mountains of Pennsylvania to be with her love, and to satisfy his “other” side. There, they are perfectly content. Only one more thing could make their lives complete.

Gerran is the last of his kind and hopes to create a new life with his human wife. When test after test shows there is no hope, they are both heartbroken. The two are just too different, their systems too incompatible, and there’s no way around it.

Unable to accept why they can’t be given their hearts’ desire, Rainn vows to do whatever it takes to make her husband happy. A deal with an unlikely stranger could be the answer, but it comes with a very steep price.

Is the sacrifice worth the reward? To save his race and bear his child, she will do anything.

Warning! Contains mountain life, freshly baked bread, distant caves, possible extinction, and proof of how far a woman will go to fulfill the wishes of the man she loves.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

I'm at Coffee Time Romance's SHOW IT OFF SATURDAY Today!

I'm being showcased today over at Coffee Time Romance's Facebook page for their SHOW IT OFF SATURDAY series.

Check it out, and comment below to be eligible for an ebook of your choice plus a $5 Amazon gift card!

International readers are welcome!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Now Available as an Audio Book! MIRACLE ABOVE ALL, an Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Now Available as an Audio Book!

Above All, Book 1
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Narrated by Susan Marlowe
Length: 5 hrs, 1 min.

Hear a Sample

I died and was resurrected, and I don’t know why. 

My name is Casi Clarity. I was 26 years old when I died in 1969. Then I woke up in the 21st century—whole, sane, and unblemished. And at the same age I was when I died.

What's more, when I came back, I brought a friend with me. His name is Coheed. He's a corporeal spirit, and he is also my protector. Against what, you ask? Well, it seems that ever since my return, I've been chased by ghosts. Demons. Ancient evil. Monsters. You name it.

Why are they after me? Because they want to know my secret. They want to wreak havoc on mankind and bring about our ultimate destruction, and the only way they can accomplish that is by being fleshy beings again. To inhabit as many bodies as they can to cause untold horror. They are determined to discover how I returned from the dead, even if it means trapping me, torturing me, and ultimately killing me again to see if I'm resurrected a second time.

My name is Casi.
The undead call me Mouse.
Coheed calls me Miracle.

Warning! Contains a houseboat, explosions, a rain of ashes, invisibility, sanctuary, a forbidden testament, and a love that was prophesied thousands of years ago.

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